Shiny Reactlog not rendering

My Shiny Reactlog is not displaying/rendering at all. It opens in the browser, Chrome, but the page is blank.I can see the controls and the legend, but there are no diagram. If I ran
jsonlite::toJSON(shiny::reactlog(), pretty = TRUE, auto_unbox = TRUE)
it brings back a whole lot of events. I'm running on Windows 10.

Hi @martindut,

Can you look to see if there are any errors in your reactlog webpage? If there are, could you please file an issue on reactlog's github?

If there is content, but no network graph, that is a bug.

Thank you,

I have the same problem. It seems to me, that it depends on the operation system and on the browser. I have tested my programs. Ok not works. Than I have tested the PYTHAGORAS. It worked fine in the original place in the cloud. Then I downloaded the PYTHAGORAS but with WINDOWS 10 and CHROMIUM I got the blank page. On MINT with CHROMIUM I got a different - something similar to this:

And finally with UBUNTU and FIREFOX I got the picture again, which is presented above.

Apologies for not replying sooner. I will test and get back to you.

I have the same problem. The reactivity log has stuff in it but the rendered page is completely blank. I have a Mac and tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and it never works. I'm trying to run this on RStudio Server Pro with shiny 1.3.2 and the github version of reactlog.

Well I found one problem.

We installed the reactlog package via remotes::install_github(), and our git not having LFS present meant the reactlog.js file downloaded and installed by install_github() was a stub meant for git LFS:

oid sha256:7b7a2271d7aa4350090323c4031843b60190e5f52557b545a960bc165e450e92
size 710689

and not the actual javascript file. This of course shows up as a javascript syntax error and why the render page is almost blank. We're going to install from CRAN i.e. from a tarball with these LFS assets baked in and hopefully problem fixed for me.

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