Shiny-powered live trivia

Hi all, I don't know how many would be interested in playing an online live trivia game (with streaming video), but since there isn't pub trivia much anymore a few friends and I decided to whip up a Shiny-powered live trivia game ("Non-Essential Trivia"). The game runs live on Sunday and Wednesday evenings and the platform is built almost entirely using Shiny. After putting it all together, I think it serves as a decent example of some of the non-standard types of webapps Shiny might be usable for, plus who doesn't like trivia :-)?

Our Wednesday games are multiple choice (with some custom Shiny radio-buttons we created that display answer statistics as barplots), and our Sunday games are text-entry where we make extensive use of different fuzzy string-matching functions to allow for spelling/pronunciation variants on submitted answers. Here's a slice of a screenshot from a recent Wednesday night's question (which doesn't include the live video or chat widgets):

The player's UI dynamically updates throughout the game ... it's controlled by the game host, who uses a separate Shiny app. Communication between the applications is through a server-side messaging system we built for easy Shiny integration. And for the "live video" aspect, we simply embedded a Twitch player into the application, and it works pretty well!

If y'all need a 30-minute break, feel free to join us! Plus I'd be happy to share more about some of the details for how we used Shiny to put this together! Our games on both Wednesdays and Sundays, starting promptly at:
at (that page will self-update and morph into a Shiny app shorly before the game begins).

Cheers and enjoy the holiday weekend, for those in the US!


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