Shiny observeEvent and actionButton not working in Flexdashboard

Hi All,

I'm trying to use an actionButton in a Flexdashboard to submit a text string for processing and analysis. If I remove the button I'm able to send the contents of my textInput box dynamically, but I need it to wait until the full string has been entered. I've added the actionButton and an observeEvent in the target row to watch for the button to be clicked but as far as I can tell, nothing happens when I click on it.

Is there some additional setup that I need to do to enable this to work, or does actionButton and observeEvent not work in Flexdashboard?

See gist here for code example.

There's no reason to think that they wouldn't work together, so I'd recommend putting together a minimal reprex of the problem.

I've tried this several different ways using obeserveEvent and I can't get it to work. I have however figured out a way to use eventReactive to do what I need.

textInput("in_address", "Enter Address to Validate")

actionButton("submit", "submit")


# define reactive shiny function on button click
submitAddress <- eventReactive(input$submit, {

# render plot for dynamically resizing to browser window

@lagerratrobe your post includes calling a file that we don't have access to (GetAddress.R). That makes your code not reproducible and it's very difficult for others to help troubleshoot your issue if we can't easily run your code. You should try to post a complete, but small, self-contained example that illustrates the problem.

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