Shiny multiInput - how to replace word 'search' in search bar?

...On picture is clarified what I want to do. To understand my goal just look at the picture I linked.

I was looking for answear, but didn't find, wheather this is possible or not? If so, how to achieve that?

I tried to add some parameter in 'options' command, but without success.

Example code from github page might be used as reproducible example.


From the documentation it does not seem that there is a 'placeholder' argument, so it seems it's not possible of changing that text. You could consider adding a request for this feature on the GitHub page, or maybe it could be possible to alter the value using some additional javascript, though I think that's not a very clean and easy solution.


Thanks for your answear.

I am not familiar with javascript, that's why from your 2 sugestions only one left :slight_smile:

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