Shiny logs on MAC

I am searching for the shiny log files on my local mac machine and can't seem to find them.
The usual suspect, /var/log/shiny-server/*.log, path does not exist.
I can't even seem to find any shiny-server directory anywhere on my mac.
For context, I run Shiny from the Run App button at the top right-hand side of the rstudio IDE.

I need to see the logs for debugging my shiny apps. If someone has a better idea of seeing the logs somewhere else I am fine with that solution as well. But I need to debug them first on my local machine before I upload them to the server (I have a hosted Shiny solution on AWS Ubuntu and I know how to locate the log files there).

Take a look to this

Since you are in a local machine I assume you don't have a shiny-server directory.

Sometimes Inspection tools of the web browsers are very useful because log errors can be found in the console.

Apologies for the delay in response. I will post my update when I am back on shiny.