Shiny Layout - navlistPanel with tabsetPanel - data table not showing when using tabsetPanel with navlistPanel

I am using the navlistPanel for shiny app layout. Layout has multiple side tabs. One of them shows dataset and summary stats. If I am having tabsetPanel too in the layout, it does not show the dataset and summary stats. However, if I comment the tabsetPanel code, it does show the dataset and summary stats. Not sure what could be going wrong.

Below is the reproducible example gist
Example where no tabsetPanel in layout & dataset is showing up

Example where I have tabsetPanel in layout but dataset is not showing up

I am guessing that I am not using tabsetPanel appropriatelty. Probably, I should not use tabsetPanel within a tabPanel (incorrect way). If that is the case, then how can I have tabsets with navlistPanel.

Request help.
Thanks in advance,