shiny is not listening to port 3838


I've followed this guide through almost exactly (the main deviation being that 'later' doesn't compile following the above without a change to its compile switches - see this GitHub issue for details:

I also haven't installed RStudio Server.

Testing on demonstrates that NJinx is working.

I've placed a sample app in srv/shiny. or gets a 'this site cannot be reached' error.

However, sudo netstat -plunt | grep -i shiny suggests that shiny is not listening to port 3838. I have tried to recompile shiny following the instructions and looking for any errors - but I can't see that anything has gone wrong.

Does anyone have any suggestions what I may be missing or have gone wrong?

I can't reproduce your issue and once installed there shouldn't be any differente with a shiny-server installed on a regular Debian distribution, the first thing to try is to double check permissions for shiny user and srv/shiny-server folder.

I can't reproduce this either, on Raspbian Stretch I can install later with install.packages("later") without problems.

Is the key difference that I've used Raspbian Buster?

I have used a recent Raspbian image for the build mainly because whilst I'm doing the build on a Pi 3B+, I'm hoping to run it on a Pi 4 (when I've picked one up).

Yes, there is, my installation guide has not been tested on Buster and there are some differences, in this particular case I think your issue has to do with the fact that Buster comes with AppArmor enabled by default so I think you would have to create a profile for Nginx on "complain mode".

Ah OK. I'll build a fresh image from an old version of of Stretch (I think they are archived somewhere online).

Do you know if an upgrade from Stretch to Buster will succeed after the build is complete? Or do you think it will have the same issues?

If muy suspicion is correct and the problem is with AppArmor, then yes, you would still have to configure security settings.

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