Shiny Interactive Components Not Loading in Flexdashboard for Sharing

I'm trying to create a flexdashboard with some Shiny interactive components, but my Shiny components are not loading as expected. When I directly "Run Document" the flexdashboard with Shiny components works perfectly fine. However, if I try to run it from console through the following code:

rmarkdown::run("testing.Rmd", shiny_args = list(port = 5050, host = ""))

The goal of doing this through console was to have the potential to share the shiny dashboard via LAN network as described here: Stackoverflow

The Shiny graph does not appear, while my non-Shiny graphs do load.

Any insight/solution is greatly appreciated!

I've tried messing around with a very small data set, and I encounter the same problem. I believe there is something lacking in the rmarkdown::run code.

Problem Solved!

For anyone looking at this thread in the future. Ensure your YMAL Syntax is properly formatted.
Ensure your "runtime: shiny" is not indented and placed at the end. It should solve any rendering issues where the Shiny components doesn't load.

title: "Example"
    source_code: embed
    orientation: rows
    vertical_layout: scroll
    theme: readable 
runtime: shiny

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