Shiny Gallery Thumbnails

Anyone know how the thumbnails to launch apps in the Shiny Gallery are created ?

I would like to create something similar, and consistent, for the Shiny apps on my site.

Using Winston's webshot package (in particular, using the appshot function). It allows you to screenshot a whole app (or part of it). Then you can nest the generated image inside an anchor tag that takes the user wherever you want when clicked (in the Shiny gallery, it takes you to the a live instance of the app). There's more instructions in the README linked above, good luck!


That is perfect, and awesome. Thank you!!

For anyone wishing to use webshot and related tools on macOS here's how I got it working:

  1. Installed phantomjs and created a link to phantomjs in /usr/local/bin
  2. Installed libpng from homebrew (do this before compiling GraphicsMagick)
  3. Downloaded and compiled source for GraphicsMagick
  4. Installed GraphicsMagick
  5. Downloaded and compiled source for optipng
  6. Installed optipng
  7. Installed webshot R package

Notes: GraphicsMagick and optipng are available from homebrew; I wanted to build to learn more. GraphicsMagick requires add-ons in order to process specific image formats (e.g. libpng for png). The install page for GM lists the tools needed for each format. You can run webshot without GraphicsMagick if you don't want to use the resize() function; likewise you can run it without optipng if you don't want to use shrink().

Finally: webshot is a great package. It provides an easy yet flexible way to make screenshots of web pages and shiny apps.


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