Shiny Gallery example 036

i 'm interested in packaging the example : shiny-examples/036-custom-input-control/ to reuse in a new application.
The packaging note says:
" If instead we wanted to make this line chart component easily distributable to other Shiny users, we would set it up as a package. chooser.R would go into the R subdirectory. The contents of www would be moved to inst, and chooserInput would call shiny::addResourcePath to make them available at a URL prefix like "chooser". See shiny-incubator for one example."
I understood I have to use the procedure in :
But I'm not sure it is the only training I need. Could some experienced user highlight useful readings ?

The gallery example is assuming you know something about making R packages, since it’s recommending distributing the shiny app that way (a package is the basic way of distributing all R code, and is not at all specific to shiny). So you’ll definitely want to learn about building R packages! This is a great place to start:

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