Shiny for tablets/phones offline

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So far I have used Shiny to create dashboards and applications for PC. But I would like to know if it is possible to use a Shiny application from a tablet (or cell phone) without requiring connectivity. My intention is to create an application for livestock and usually workers do not have internet in the field. It's possible?

There is some experimental work with Shiny running on WebAssembly, mainly with Shiny Python, but it is in very early stages and it is only practical for small applications since you will be pushing a lot of data to the users browser (and RAM). So, I would say, no, it is not currently possible.

I might be wrong though, but I would anticipate the implementation to be very hacky.

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Depends on what is meant by:

If this is only about missing internet access and you have a (W)LAN available you can't use but you can set up your own shiny server or try one of the alternatives described here.

However, if you need to host the [R] shinyapp on the tablet itself, I guess it will only work on a windows tablet.

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