shiny fileinput probelm with pdf on linux server (shiny server open source)

Hi everyone!

I want a simple shiny app that allows the user to upload a pdf file and display it.
Locally, or when deployed to shinyapps io, everything seems to work fine.
But, on my server (linux machine) I get errors when uploading pdf files with no relevant error in the log.

for example, I used this app - How to upload and embed pdf in R shiny (iframe) · GitHub
works fine locally and on shinyapps io, but on my linux machine I get this error (attached image)


and this is the only text in the log file
"su: ignoring --preserve-environment, it's mutually exclusive with --login

Listening on ....... (here is IP)

when I checked a similar app with csv instead of pdf (code from file-upload html in shiny gallery - can't attach url) it works perfectly fine on the linux server.

I also checked an app with uploading functionality only, meaning no code in server side, only pdf fileinput in UI vs csv fileinput in UI, the first doesn't work (same error - 500 internal) while the latter works nicely.

any help would be very appreciated.
thanks alot!!


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