Shiny error on server

I am trying to upload my application on shiny server. The app runs well locally and also deploys successfully. But when I try to access the link it says time out after 300 seconds.
My logs show the following error:

Failed to create bus connection: No such file or directory
2019-08-12T08:14:31.890670+00:00 shinyapps[1056246]: running command 'timedatectl' had status 1
2019-08-12T08:14:31.890642+00:00 shinyapps[1056246]: Warning in system("timedatectl", intern = TRUE) :

I am using RStudio on Windows 10.
Please suggest solutions.


It seems from a related post that this type of error is a bug/warning in R you should not worry about too much.

It's likely there is something else in the code that prevents the app from running. Could you share the app code? You can find help here how to do this.


I can't share my app code as it is for my work place. But what I am trying to do is perform various calculations on input data and show various graphs on the UI. Further, I am also enabling a download button to download Report from the data. I have already deployed this app once on Shiny. But now, I have made a few changes and then deployed. The app is deployed successfully but the link does not load even after setting startup time to 300 secs.

Also, my app runs locally without any errors.

There is not much we can do with the information you are providing, this part suggests that you are either forgetting to deploy a required file or that you are using an absolute path for it (that would explain why it works locally).

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