Shiny - Download workbook via DownloadHandler as pdf

I am working to create a Shiny app that will allow the user to select the preferred file format and download the data. The code will read in FinalEP & FinalLR and then run a function I created that will filter the data to the user inputted account, and then adds the data to an excel workbook report template. The excel workbook has a company logo and text information in the first several rows so I am unable to simply use read_excel. I have been using "xlsx::loadWorkbook" so that I can load the entire workbook without disrupting the format of the template.
Does anyone know how I can load the workbook and have it downloaded as a pdf? Also, how exactly do I go about implementing the selectInput so the correct file format is being downloaded?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or guidance you are able to provide.


ui <- fluidPage(title = "Interesting Title",
                titlePanel("Interesting Header"),
                        textInput("Date","Valuation Date",placeholder = "Enter date format yyyy-mm-dd"),
                        textInput("AffNumber","Account", placeholder = "Enter Number"),
                        selectInput("format","Download format", c("Pdf" = "pdf","Excel" = "excel")),
                        actionButton("run","Run"), verbatimTextOutput("default"), verbatimTextOutput("default2"),
                    mainPanel("Text Here")

server <- function(input, output) {
    # Updates the report template with data for user specified account
    combined <- eventReactive(input$run, {
        FinalEP <- Function_To_Obtain_Data_From_PC(input$Date)
        FinalLR <- Function_To_Obtain_Data_From_PC(input$Date)
        Function_To_Create_Formatted_Excel_Workbook(df = FinalLR, df2 = FinalEP, choice = "Individual", Acct = input$AffNumber, RunDate = input$Date)
        Name <- paste(unique(FinalEP$Name[FinalEP$`Account` %in% input$AffNumber]), "as of", input$Date)
        wb <- xlsx::loadWorkbook("file.xlsx")
        done <- list("done" = "Complete", "Name" = Name, "wb" = wb)

    output$default <- renderText({print((combined()$done))}) # temporary code, used for debugging
    output$default2 <- renderText({print((combined()$Name))}) # temporary code, used for debugging
# Successfully downloads excel document
    output$download <- downloadHandler(
        filename = function(){
        content = function(file) {
            xlsx::saveWorkbook(combined()$wb, file = file)

# Issue: How can I design this to download the excel workbook as a pdf. 

# Using RDCOMClient I am able to save the workbook as a pdf document, but am unsure how I can integrate this with the downloadHandler formatting.

## RDCOMClient Code
#file_location <- "path to workbook file"
#ex <- COMCreate("Excel.Application")
#book <- ex$workbooks()$Open(file_location)
#sheet <- book$Worksheets()$Item(1)
#ex[["ActiveSheet"]]$ExportAsFixedFormat(Type=0,Filename="example.pdf", IgnorePrintAreas=FALSE)

# Trying to download as pdf document
    # output$download <- downloadHandler(
    #     filename = function(){
    #         paste0(combined()$Name,".pdf")
    #     },
    #     content = function(file) {
    #         xlsx::saveWorkbook(combined()$wb, file = file)
    #     }
    # )

# Run the application
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server) 

hi @sam4739, you don't want to use a fileupload? Maybe you can get some inspiration from this post.

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