Shiny doesn't show a table stably.

I have been preparing a dashboard and I've been experiencing an issue.

when I clicked a bar chart (Co9) as figure 1, the table has not shown any thing (figure 2).

I am not sure which part of my code, that should be fixed it.

I am guessing, this part should be solved?

Bar clicked (server) --------------------------------------------

observeEvent(input$bar_clicked, {

customer <- as.character(input$bar_clicked)

month <- input$month

tab_title <- paste(

  input$sale, "-", customer,

  if (month != 99) {




if (!(tab_title %in% tab_list)) {


    inputId = "tabs",




        get_details(customer = customer)





  tab_list <<- c(tab_list, tab_title)


updateTabsetPanel(session, "tabs", selected = tab_title)


This is my dataset.

Thank you so much.

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