Shiny deployment, setting up non-CRAN repo, not working!

Hi all,

I'm running into a deployment issue for my Shiny app.. I'm using a non-CRAN package called R-INLA. It can be installed from here:

install.packages("INLA",repos=c(getOption("repos"),INLA=""), dep=TRUE)

The error message I get from the deploy tab is:

Error: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 855023332 failed: Error building image: Error fetching INLA (21.01.13) source. unable to satisfy package: INLA (21.01.13)
In addition: Warning message:
In FUN(X[[i]], ...) :
Package 'INLA 21.01.13' was installed from sources; Packrat will assume this package is available from a CRAN-like repository during future restores
Execution halted

Online and through colleagues I've been advised add the INLA repo to my .Rprofile:

r <- c(INLA = "",
CRAN = "")
options(repos = r)

Unfortunately, it hasn't worked! Any help/guidance would be extremely helpful.



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