Shiny Dashboard update

I have a shiny dashboard with me. But the data (in excel file) of it is located in my local system. The excel file keeps updating. The process works like this:

  1. Primary data will get uploaded in an application called SurveyCTO.
  2. Once the data is uploaded in SurveyCTO server, the data is downloaded to the local system.
  3. This data is used for the dashboard in shiny.

What can I do make the dashboard to be in the cloud/shiny server and dynamic data update happens and accordingly the dashboard also is refreshed. Can someone suggest resources available on this?

If the download process can de done programmatically and the data processing doesn't require much time you can simply download it from your app each time it starts.

Another strategy could be to have a separate ETL process that you can schedule to load the pre processed data into an easy to read repository, like a googlesheet file for example, and your app could read from there.

The data download takes a lot of time. That's the precise problem.

Then, decoupling the shiny app from the data processing would be a good idea.

You can create a separate Rscript that Extracts and Transforms the raw input data and Loads "ready to use" pre-processed data into an easy to read data repository, like a googlesheets file, this is called an ETL process.

You can then schedule this Rscript to run as frequently as your source data gets updated,that way your shiny app always gets updated data without the overhead of the data processing.

Ok thank you for this.


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