Shiny Contest Submission: ...DWSIM downloading activity worldwide

Download activity in source forge of DWSIM, an open source chemical process simulator

This dashboard allows to monitor the amazing number of downloads that DWSIM have had worlwide, in any date range, since its first relase until today. The dashboard connect with source forge using the API provided by them. In addition, it plot a worlwide heat map using highchart.

DWSIM is a multiplatform, open-source, CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS and iOS.

More information at:



Thanks for the submission!
Just a heads up that the 2019 Shiny Contest's deadline was March 8th. Since this submission was after that, it won't be judged this year. But thanks for sharing your work!

Check out all the submissions and the winners at the Shiny Contest Tag.

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