Shiny code not work using brochure package in shiny-server

Hello everyone. I have problem using brochure package in shiny-server. For example, I have code like this:


  # First page
page1<- function(){
    href = "/",
    ui = fluidPage(
      h1("This is my first page"),
    server = function(input, output, session) {
      output$plot <- renderPlot({
  # Second page, without any server-side function
page2 <-function(){
    href = "/page2",
    ui = fluidPage(
      h1("This is my second page"),
      tags$p("There is no server function in this one")


  onStart = NULL,
  options = list(),
  enableBookmarking = "url",
  content_404 = "Not found",
  basepath = "brochure",
  req_handlers = list(),
  res_handlers = list(),
  wrapped = shiny::tagList

The problem is that the plot output does not appear in the browser because the brochure package does not read some of the shiny package features. I have checked the log file and it doesn't give any errors. I just looked at the console after inspecting the browser and the error was like this:

Even though I have used all the packages and shiny-server latest version. Can anyone help me. Thank You

What log files are you looking at and is logging enabled in the shiny config?

How did you install the brochure package?

I see the log files in the var/log/shiny-server folder. I didn't enable logging configuration.

I followed the brochure installation steps on this page GitHub - ColinFay/brochure: [WIP] Natively Multipage Shiny Apps

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