Shiny apps with the same name

Please, what happens if a shiny app is published with an app name that already exists by another author? After deploying my app on, my app looks totally different from what I built and run on my local machine. When I looked into the app log in my dashboard, I saw a couple of string inputs and packages, which I did not use in my shiny app. Could an existing app by the same app name as mine be preventing my app from deploying fine on

That wouldn't be an issue since the app's URL contains the username, and two authors can't have the same username so the URLs would be different.

Thanks Andresrcs for your observation. I am at a loss as to why wont deploy my app. After deployment, it is the url I see in my browser window instead of the window title of my shiny app, 'Mavis Analytic', and the deployed app is totally different from what runs on my machine locally. Can I share my code with you to run locally on your machine, if it isn't too much bother?

You already have an open topic for that, please do not cross-post