Shiny Apps IO - Daily Refresh

Hello Experts,

I have a Shiny Application which is already deployed on Shiny Apps IO and its up and running on a Windows Server.

I want to do a daily refresh of this application and want to schedule it during the night.

What will be the easiest way of doing this, considering we have little expertise in Linux or writing Schedule Scripts.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.

hi @utkarsh_srivasatava,

I am just curious: do you want to refresh the application code every day or refresh the data input for the dashboard? If it's just the data, you could use something like invalidateLater to schedule the data retrieval.
If it's the application code, I guess it will be hard to do without using any scripts.


Thanks for the suggestion.

We are currently trying to make Live connection to the database so that the problem of data refresh gets over.

Hopefully it works.

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