Shiny applications won't load

Hello, Applications I coded and host won't load today but worked last Friday. It seems like the process is interrupted shortly after opening the application but no errors are displayed to the user (other than the application turning grey) or in the log. While troubleshooting, I found that most shiny applications will not load for me today. For example, this application from the gallery always fails to load for me:
Sometimes, it says "404 page not found" but other times it only loads part of the interface before stopping. I have the issue using 2 different ISPs, on different computers and different browsers. Is anybody else having issues with shiny apps today?

We have had an issue with the Gallery examples that should now be cleared up.

You will need to supply more information about your own applications in order for us to help you though.

Thanks Josh. I was able to resolve my issue. I added the following to my shiny-server.conf file and everything seems to be working:

sanitize_errors off;disable_protocols xdr-streaming xhr-streaming iframe-eventsource iframe-htmlfile;

I found the resolution here: