Shiny app working with persistent projects

I'd like to build a Shiny app that works with persistent projects. That is, take the simplest shiny app you can think of (say the default histogram one) and wrap around a project management layer, where the project could simply be the set of inputs. So that:

  • The app lists and persists the list of projects
  • User can add/delete projects
  • Clicking/selecting a project leads you to the main shiny app (say the histogram) with the project inputs.

I'm sure this should be a top requested use case (so users can keep 'separate and persisten' inputs) in many shiny apps but I have struggled to find many pointers/examples. Has anyone got any? :smiley:
Thanks in advance!


This sounds like a custom implementation of bookmarking

As you can see the basic functionality is already present in shiny server natively, you can build on that.

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Regarding bookmarks please check my related answer here:

Also see this for an alternative approach:

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