Shiny app won't launch, displays "Please Wait" message


I'm following a tutorial on how to build a simply Shiny app, and I just finished my code,created and verified my account, and tried to launch my website. Unfortunately it's not working. When I launch the page it's in the "Please Wait" mode and never fully launches.....can someone help me?

The code looks like this. I have inputted the token and secret but removed it here for obvious reasons.



ui <- fluidPage(
  sliderInput(inputId = "num",label="Choose a number",value=25,min=1,max=100),plotOutput("hist")

server <- function(input,output) {
  output$hist <- renderPlot({

shinyApp(ui=ui, server=server)


Just to clarify, Are you including the deployment related code in the app that you upload to If so, you shouldn't be doing that, since the app is going to try to deploy itself on every load.

Oh...yes I am (very new to this). Is that the issue then? I can delete it, rerun, and run deployApp() in the console.

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