Shiny app with python aborts when deploying

Recently I have been trying to deploy in a Shiny app with Keras an Tensorflow. My environment landscape was really a mess so I decided to reinstall everything (Anaconda, Python, R, Rstudio).

To set a shiny app in I decided to grab an example of a shinyapp with python that is sometimes recommended:

This example, if I am not wrong, should work whether you run it locally or you deploy it in Without changing anything in the example, I get this error message printed in the console. When I try to run an app with Keras, without all this virtual env setups I don't have any issue.

Warning in system2(python, args, stdout = TRUE, stderr = FALSE) :
  running command '"python3" -E -c "import platform; print(platform.python_version())"' had status 9009
Warning: Error in if: argument is of length zero
  49: virtualenv_module
  48: reticulate::virtualenv_create
  47: server [C:\Users\user\Documents\1.R_projects\shiny-reticulate-app-master/server.R#18]
Error in if (py_version >= "3.6") modules <- c("venv", modules) : 
  argument is of length zero```
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