Shiny app using Angular 5

Dear all,
I am new with R Shiny Server. I just wonder if anyone here has successfully use Angular 5 with Shiny app or not. It seems that Shiny doesn't support yet Angular 5 (too new) as well as TypeScript seems too new for Shiny. I failed to make Angular 5 works inside Shiny. Could you share your experience about this issue- Thanks


I have the same problem, please share with us your experience if you found a solution.

There are a few repositories that show how to connect R and web libraries using something like Plumbr instead of shiny. If you're interested in this approach you can check out this: (my crappy demo repository using React and R) or this: .

These approaches both use npm to manage web dependencies and simply make API calls to R for number crunching and pass data via JSON. I think there's high demand for being able to use npm for package management and front-end development.