Shiny app usage hours error?

This is my first time working with shiny (through and I recently received an email that my active hours limit was reached. When looking at my account usage page, it reports the same total as the email I received, with (apparently) ~43 hours used on one of my apps. When I click on the app page itself, it displays 13 hours of usage, which is about what it was yesterday when I checked. I also looked through the logs for the past day and there doesn't appear to be any spikes at all, especially of the size suggested. Is there anyone I could contact to clear this up and/or has anyone dealt with any similar issues.Thanks!

Just in case, you can find how Active Hours are calculated here.
The total active hour is greater than the usage hours of your app because it takes into account more parameter.
First, there is a Idle Timeout : If no one use your application, it will wait X before being inactive.
Then, the scaling setting you configured will also play role in increasing the active hour.
It may not be related to your issue but just in case you did not know, it is worth mentioning.

If you have a pro plan, you can also contact pro support.

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