Shiny App Url Does not Work when called via HTTP

I have set up a shiny app, whose sole purpose is to run a data cleaning and export to Azure. I set the app to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity

The app deployment went well, and when I click the url of the app an it opens in browser with a url like the script runs

In order to run the script every hour, I setup a cron job on an external site, and added the URL

However when the url is called, nothing happens, as in the files in Azure are not updated. However when I click the url via my browser it runs - whether logged in or in private mode with no session

I am wondering what I doing wrong

Is it a public or a private app ?
if its private then you will need to authorise the external site to access it

It is a public app and url - I just do not see any effects when I get an external automated service to call the url

I was wondering if there is anything Shiny specific that differentiates between humans and bots - that I need to configure for