Shiny App to Mobile App

This was touched on some years ago but I just wondered if there had been, or could possibly be, some development in this area

It seems a logical step to try and monetize small shiny apps and could broaden usage substantially

So what I'm really asking is

  • Is it theoretically possible to convert a shiny app onto Android or Apple OS
  • Are there any plans by RStudio or anyone else to do so
  • Has there actually been any under the radar achievement of this goal


I know zero when it comes to Android or iOS development, but Shiny apps certainly can work on mobile devices. There are certainly enough mobile apps that seem like glorified browsers that I would think it would be possible.

Thanks. I know shiny apps can work on mobile apps and adjust to the narrower width _-although I am remiss in catering ideally for them
What I want is a proper Playstore app, based on Shiny. If it is straightforward, I'm surprised there are not plenty out there already, or a tutorial on the process
I have no experience in mobile app development s you can probably tell

Any news on this? I am also quite interested in turning shiny apps into iOS/android apps

You can develop a simple web view with Swift or java, which is still not a native android or IOS app but a least you can push it on a store. I am not sure whether it’s easy or not for IOS regarding apple store.


I think this could be of interest here