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Shiny App Store

Authors: Penelope Ferron (@Penelope_Ferron) and Aurélien Nicosia (@AurelienQuebec)

Abstract: A store of shiny apps developed with a shiny app. This prototype aims to gather all shiny app users and developers around this store to share their passion. You can search for existing shiny app or even propose to host yours.

Full Description: The shiny App Store is decomposed in three different pages to satisfy shiny app users or developers.

Remember that this shiny app store is a proof of concept. More app should be added, and authentication system implemented, see improvement section for further information.

  • The ‘App’ opening page is the full list of shiny apps available on the store. You can filter by category or even search for a specific shiny app based on a keyword. For every shiny app you can have access to useful information by clicking on the more button. If you like the app, please click on the thumb button!


  • If you develop shiny app, please let go to the second tab where you can submit your app to be hosted on the store. Before filling information on your awesome app, you will be able to verify if your app follows the guideline and the rules proposed in the store for hosting.


  • The last tab called ‘Management’ is for the administrator of the application store. You can test it using the proposed password. You can look at the waiting room to see shiny app still not approved. You have the power to approve or decline a shiny app. Test it: add a shiny app on the developer tab and try to accept it, you will see (soon) your app in the App page, remenber that this is still a prototype.


If our shiny App Store gets enthusiastic feedback then we will make the following improvement to the app:

  • Adding a “News” tab that let the user discover news tendency in terms of shiny app.
  • Define a process to accept shiny app as the way R package is examined on the CRAN.
  • Allow the process of shiny app submission functional for everyone
  • Implement authentication and role framework (user, developer and admin)
  • Favourite tab that allows user to define and display its most favourite shiny app
  • Like of apps linked to the “true” users like.
  • Add a forum page for users to chat with shiny developers.

Note that this framework shiny app store can be deployed in your organization with your own shiny apps.

Keywords: Application, Store, Share
Shiny app:
Repo: GitHub - aureliennicosia/RStudio-Shiny-App-Contest
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud



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