Shiny app runs locally but disconnect from server

Hello everyone,
My app is working locally just fine but it keeps getting disconnected from shiny server.

All my files are here github

I searched google but nothing solves the issue so far. All my files (dict_2g, dict_3g, dict_4g) combines to less than 100MB.
Is there a problem with not enough RAM?
I also set the time until disconnect at 5 minutes.

Thank you,

Hi there,
is your problem solved? I have the same issue on runny my shiny app on google cloud.

Thanks you!

Best, Julia

You should check the log files for the app to trace the source of your error. One of the most common issues is that one or more of the packages that you are using in your app isn't installed on your server.

Thank you for your replies. Yes, the problem was solved by downsizing the app. I tried upgrading the shiny account and use 3gb of ram and the app works perfectly

Thank you for your reply. Good to know :slight_smile: