Shiny App on LAN Network

Hi every one.
I'm a newbie.
I just start learning shiny dashboard. I have some doubts.
I found out that Shiny dashboard cans run at some platform as follow:

  1. Run on local machine by locally Rstudio app ( without internet)
  2. Run on cloud server at internet enviroment
  3. Run on local machine by locally web brower ( IP:, without internet)
  4. Run on remote machine at the same network with server by Web Brower ( without internet).
    Can anyone explain to me about advantages and limitations of this solutions?
    Many thank.

From a functionality standpoint, there is no difference, your dashboard is going to work the same regardless of where you deploy it, the difference among those options is how accessible is the dashboard for others.

For example, with the first option, if you want other people to use your dashboard, they would need to have a similar enough R setup on their machines, you have to give them the code and they need to know how to execute it (it requires at least some basic R knowledge), so this option is the least flexible and practical. On the other end, the most accessible option would be using a cloud server, that way anyone can access your dashboard without setting up anything or even having any R knowledge, but it would require more effort from you to setup the server.

If you explain what your goals are, maybe we can give you better advice on what would be a good deployment option for you

Hi Andrescs
many thank for your reponse.
In my project. I have 3 computer at the same network and without internet.
I want to access shiny dashboard application at both of them.
I find the best solution for this.

If one of your machines is a Linux machine, I would install shiny-server there, that way any computer on the network can access the app with a browser by typing local_server_ip:3838/your_app_name

Dear andresrcs
Thank for your response.
Both of the computer I use is WINDOW. So, Can I install siny server.
If yes, How Can iI instal it?

The simplest option would be using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2), there you can install Ubuntu and shiny-server but you need start the service manually since WSL2 doesn't support systemd.

Another option to use shiny-server on Windows is using Docker containers, you can find shiny containers on the Rocker project.

Dear andresrcs
Thank for your response.
All of my computer use WinDow platform.
If you have any documentation for devoloping Shiny server on LAN Network. Please share to me if you can.

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