Shiny app not showing graphs

I am creating a Shiny App for a course I am taking. I have been trying to get help from the instructor but there is a long lag in answering sometimes. I have been working on this particular project for two months because of the lag in help. I have my app code complete but my app is not showing the graphs and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can someone please help?

Hi, what's in adult.csv? I assume that the app has access to it.

Can you provide a reproducible example?

I am not sure how to show the whole file, but here is a screenshot of most of the information. Yes, the app has access to the file as far as I know. I imported the data file.

This is what I actually get when I run the app.

We don't need the whole file, but it needs to be reproducible (so not a screenshot).

Something like the output of dput(head(adult, 20)).

Have a look at the article.

I am not sure how to post an example, but I can link to my work on Rstudio cloud. It has the database imported.

We can't access it because we would need to log in.

It isn't hard to post a reproducible example of the dataset.

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