Shiny app not displaying some items(username/password textfields, graph) when using IPad's Maas360 Secure Browser, which is the only browser to access internal network

I have deployed a shiny application and can access the application though the web browsers on any PC on the domain using the LAN/WAN or VPN, I have used password/user authentication to open the application.

However when I use the IPad though IBM Maas360 Secure Web browser, the login text fields does not appear, even removing the login page, some items like graphs does not appear.

The IPad access the internal network though maas360 only, all other web applications works Oracle ERP, SharePoint intranet pages

Kindly help with this issue

You'll have to talk to your sys admin. I have a feeling that your app will need to be whitelisted with Maas360, it sounds to me like the web browser is stripping out anything that looks like it might be an HTML form element on a URL it's not familiar with.

Thanks for the response Jcheng, we have updated the Maas360 restriction policy by including the wild card . and the URL/Fully Qualified Domain Name to except everything in this traffic, however the problem still persist.

resolved, by VPN firewall configurations

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