Shiny App Deployment Error: HTTP Status 409 Unable to dispatch task for application

Helllo everyone,

I'm having an issue with my shiny app deployed to that has become a rather frequent issue. Every so often, the app freezes up while users on online. In an attempt to restore their connection, I will reboot the app manually through the dashboard, though this will not work in refreshing the app. If I try again, or if I try to deploy the app again from RStudio, I receive the following error:

image (1)

I receive this same error if I try to deploy through RStudio and if I try to restart the application through the dashboard.

I have ready a lot online about this error, but most suggestions either boil down to waiting or contacting support. I would like to uncover the underlying cause of this issue, as any downtime my shiny app experiences negatively impacts my company. Any help or advice related to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!