Shiny app crashes when I run it in RStudio Cloud, due to RAM limit?

Dear RStudio Cloud team,

I am working at UNICEF (NGO, non-profit) and I plan to use RStudio Cloud for R training purposes. While I am running a shiny app demo the app crashes when it comes to the simulation part. Is it because of the 1GM RAM limit? It says I could "submit a request to the RStudio Cloud team for more capacity". Not very sure if this is the right way to get help...

Thank you for your kind help and advice in advance,

Exciting use of!

I'll make sure the cloud team knows about your request for more memory for your workshops.

In terms of diagnosing what crashed your test shiny apps when deployed, the shiny logs should have some extra insight.

Have a look at those and reshare here if there's any questions.

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