Shiny app can't access SQLite db on RStudio Connect Server: “database is locked”

I've deployed an R Shiny app on a R Studio Connect Server and I'm simply trying to get data from a SQLite database which I've included in the deployed application.

When I run the app locally (through the runApp function), everything works fine and the data is fetched from the database.

When I run the app from the R Studio Connect Server, I have the following error message: "Warning: Error in : database is locked" I do not understand why the db is locked or how to unlock it.

The tree of the deployed application looks like this

- app.R
- data/
|-- database.db

The code of my shiny app is as follows:


loadData <- function() {
    path_to_db <- "data/database.db"
    # Connect to the database
    db <- dbConnect(SQLite(), path_to_db)
    # Construct the fetching query
    isin_static_info_tb = "isin_static_info_table"
    query <- sprintf("SELECT * FROM %s", isin_static_info_tb)
    # Submit the fetch query and disconnect
    data <- dbGetQuery(db, query)

# Define UI for application that draws a histogram
ui <- fluidPage(

    actionButton(inputId = "displayTable", label = "Show table"),
    tableOutput(outputId = "table")

# Define server logic required to draw a histogram
server <- function(input, output) {
    data <- eventReactive(input$displayTable, {
    output$table <- renderTable(data())

# Run the application 
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

As it was hinted to me on StackOverflow, I checked for permissions on the database file with with the function file.access("data/minitool.db", mode = 0/1/2/4). It returned 0 (so success) for mode 0/2/4, as it does when I run my app locally (before deployment), so I would say the permissions are ok...

maybe a miscommunication but why check a minitool.db when you have a database.db ?

Yes my bad, I copy/paste my code quickly and didn't adjust for the database name (minitool being the real name of the database in my app that I simplified when describing my case)

I only skim read this Connecting to a locked database, message that looks like an error · Issue #197 · r-dbi/RSQLite (
but perhaps dbConnect(synchronous = NULL) option is worth trying

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I've checked this thread already, but dbConnect(synchronous = NULL) does not change the end result, it only gets rid off following warning : "Warning: Couldn't set synchronous mode: database is locked".

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