Shiny app appears with <iframe> but not knitr::include_app()

My markdown website is slowly coming together. One thing I am stuck on is displaying my shiny apps from on my markdown website.

I have been somewhat successful inserting an iframe with html, as below. However, the simpler knitr::include_app() function does not appear to be doing anything. Based on the code I provided below, I would expect the same app to appear twice on my webpage. Instead, as you can see from the uploaded image, the app appears only once (when called by the html code). It's a mystery to me.

Any ideas to address this issue or go about troubleshooting are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

output: html_document


knitr::include_app("url", height = "400px")


<iframe src ="url"
  style="border: none; width: 100%; height: 500px;"/>

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