Shiny and Squarespace


I am trying to figure out if it possible to upload my shiny app to a website hosted by squarespace. I have read this feed, which was super helpful: Embedding apps in website

However, I am trying to avoid shelling out even more money, when I am already paying for web hosting. Squarespace does allow embedded html and code blocks. I've seen shiny apps appear in iFrames on squarespace sites, like here:

But this site uses AWS to support the app. Is that the only way? I'm new to this, so if I am missing a step, forgive me!

Finally got a Shiny app to work on a Squarespace page! Just use an embed block, click on the little double arrow button and insert this code:

<iframe width="100%" height="1000" src="shiny-app-url "> </iframe>

The key seems to be using iframe width as a percentage (it would NOT work when I tried to set the size of the iframe width to a number, like 1080).

Hope this works for you!

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