shiny and rmd. how to load local file

Hello everyone, I'm new here, but I really struggle in generating a dynamic report using the downloadHandler and the associated .Rmd file.

The app works perfectly in local, but when deployed doesn't work. The problem stem (I imagine from the relative path to the dataset that I've deployed on along with the Server and ui files. Indeed the log file tells me that is quitting .Rmd with warning "Warning: Error in file: non posso aprire questa connessione" (~cannot open connection). The database called bad.csv is in a folder db that has been deployed on shiny

How can I correctly read the file? (i.e., read.csv2(file=".db/bdd.csv", header=T)

Here the code within the Rmd file:

Thank's you in advance



title: "Dynamic report"
output: html_document
n: NA

# The `params` object is available in the document.

bd <- read.csv2(file=".db/bdd.csv", header=T)
# The `params` object is available in the document.
Plot_Note <- params$n

gl <- lapply(Plot_Note, 
                         function(x) ggplot(bd, aes(bd[,x])) +
                             geom_bar(fill = "#0073C2FF") +
                             geom_text(stat='count', aes(label=..count..), vjust=-1) +
            grid.arrange(grobs = gl, ncol = 3)