shiny and Graphical User Interfaces in R

I need to write a graphical user interface package in R (a user friendly package that works by clicking on options) to do item analysis in psychometry for my data, a stand alone package that could be installed to any computer and works in R without any connection to the web or Rstudio. can shiny handle what I want?


It depends on what you need to do.

ThinkR has a package called golem. Its a framework for building Shiny applications, and incapsulates your shiny app into an R Package. So, once your shiny app is developed, you can distribute the package, and run it from any R console.

You'd need to be careful about your dependencies without any internet connection. If your package or app requires an R package, it will need to retrieve them somehow. A tool like renv can help you install packages from a local source.

I am new for programming in R, so I am not sure about the language to use for programing in R. I do not know which package i have to use? whether i have to use shiny or gWidgets or RGtk2 or qtbase or tcltk? any help about my decision would be appreciate. how to start for programing with shiny?

If you're getting started with R, I'd recommend R4DS (it's a book you can buy, and online at

For getting started with shiny, check out

Most packages usually have vignettes to help you get started. For example, Colin Fay has a few guides for creating your first golem Shiny app, and a few video tutorials. You can find package vignettes on the package CRAN page, or with a little searching.

Hi Thanks
which of the packages (shiny or gWidgets or RGtk2 or qtbase or tcltk) are appropriate for writing a graphical user interface package in R? any help.

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