Shiny and googlesheets4

I'm currently creating a shiny app that uses the googlesheets4 package to simply read in some data from a sheet in my organization. The app works locally and I got my google credentials to work in However, this only works when the app is public, not private. When I change the app to Private, it continuously tries to reload itself and nothing happens.. I 100% need the app to be private. Has anyone run into this before? Seems strange the app works publicly but not when it is switched to private...

Some code:

options(gargle_verbosity = "debug")
  email = "myemailhere",
  path = NULL,
  scopes = "",
  cache = "path_to_cache",
  use_oob = FALSE,
  token = NULL)

Log from shiny app:

 request_generate, request_make
The following object is masked from ‘package:shinyjs’:
trying `token_fetch()`

trying `credentials_service_account()`
 Error caught by `token_fetch()`:
 trying `credentials_external_account()`
trying `credentials_byo_oauth()`
trying `credentials_app_default()`
trying `credentials_gce()`
adding "" scope
The following objects are masked from ‘package:googlesheets4’:
Argument 'txt' must be a JSON string, URL or file.
 aws.ec2metadata not installed; can't detect whether running on EC2 instance
Error caught by `token_fetch()`:
inherits(token, "Token2.0") is not TRUE
Gargle2.0 initialize
 loading token from the cache 
 matching token found in the cache
 attempt to access internal gargle data from: googlesheets4
Listening on http://127...
 trying `credentials_user_oauth2()`

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