Shifting to Posit

That has to be worth opening a topic about.
RStudio are shifting their strategy from exclusively R to a multi language IDE (as it was many years now, actually).

I don't have any smart words to add, mostly interested in hearing what the community has to say.

Feel free to share your thoughts

Read the thread on the announcement post.

Yes, it's official today, here's a blog post from Posit Blog,

RStudio was founded in 2009 with the vision of creating high-quality open-source software for data scientists. We invest heavily in open-source development, education, and the community with the goal of serving knowledge creators 100 years from now.

We believe Posit should fulfill a purpose beneficial to the public and be run for the benefit of all stakeholders, including our community, employees, and customers at large. That’s why we’re designated as a Public Benefit Corporation. As a Certified B Corp, we must meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Our directors and officers have a fiduciary responsibility to address social, economic, and environmental needs while still overseeing our business goals. To fulfill our mission, Posit intends to remain an independent company over the long term.

As you can see, while our name may be changing, our commitment to helping data scientists use open-source software to ask and answer important questions remains the same.

  1. A Commitment to Open Source: We have an unwavering focus on open-source software because we believe the best way to achieve meaningful progress is to put the power of data science tools in the hands of everyone who needs them, regardless of their economic means.
  2. A Broader Focus: We want to make scientific communication better for everyone. Posit is not about pivoting from R to Python. It’s about broadening and embracing the Python community as well as the R community. We have been supporting multiple languages for many years and will continue to create open-source and commercial software for R, Python, and beyond.
  3. A Larger Community: The R community is a special place. We want to help more parts of science become as open, dynamic, inclusive, and diverse as the community we belong to.

To learn more about why we’re becoming Posit, please watch J.J. Allaire’s and Hadley Wickham’s keynote from this year’s rstudio::conf in Washington, D.C.

We are excited to celebrate this major milestone with our community, customers, and partners. Your support made all of this possible!

In the midst of the excitement, we also understand that you may have questions. Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions. Still need help? Contact your account manager directly or email

There's also an extended Q&A there.

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To me this is a Disappointing Start for Posit.
The website organization is neither clearly organized nor clearly informative.
In the rush to stand up Posit as a website and equally take down RStudio as a website (since all RStudio links are redirected to posit), there seems to be a conscious effort to post large graphics and large text that get in the way of simply getting the desired information about items and topics of interest in an organized manner. Moreover I can detect a subtle but distinct downplaying of RStudio as an open source software product and in its place heavy bannering and linking for all things Posit/RStudio commercial / licensed products. This is disappointing. I can fully understand the "need" (?) to identify and promote commercial products, but to so de-emphasize the Open Source core is to suggest that in the near future RStudio / Posit will have zero interest / zero promotion and perhaps zero offerings of a cross-platform open source GUI interface application that has been an outstanding contribution to R for many years now - as the rightful and primary companion to R which has always been open source for all to download and use freely, for the betterment of world wide communication data analytics. - AW

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