Sharing R markdown documents on WordPress site

Hi there,

I have a R markdown document that I'm hoping to share on my WordPress site. I know that there are some specific packages people use to post blog posts via R markdown, but I think what I'm looking for may be simpler. I've also looked at the RWordPress package but it seems it may be out of date, as I am running into persistent errors.

My R markdown document is displaying information it is pulling from a server that will need to update as the server information changes. Other than that nothing too fancy.

For this kind of scenario, the main questions are:

  1. Who render the Rmd document ? If this is done locally then published, it won't require anything on a server
  2. How the document is shared ? do you produce a self_contained document or a bundle with a HTML file and some resources ? This will impact how wordpress expect an external document to be included in a website.

I don't have experience with Wordpress. Just trying to give you some hints.

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