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Hi everyone,
How do you share projects/rmd files on github because I have tried to share it as an rmd but it appeared as only a source code without any formatting, charts, etc.
I also tried to share it as an HTML file but I got the following message
"Sorry about that, but we can’t show files that are this big right now"

For a single file called README, if you compile it into markdown, it will automatically be displayed by the GitHub repo page (including images). Any other md file will also be displayed with formatting when opened on GitHub, not fully sure about images. An easy way is by adding that in the header:

    keep_md: true

For an html file that you generated on your computer, you can go in the repo "Settings", and on the left find the "Pages" tab. GitHub Pages will generate an URL like that displays it (you still need an index.html or

Finally, there are more complex possibilities. There are several tools that websites and deploy them with GitHub Pages. A good starting point may be the {blogdown} package, and the book that gives you a lot of practical advice. With that package you can generate entire websites as long as they're static (you generate the html once, the website doesn't run code for you).

It worked thanks Alexis. A small addition to your solution if I may
html_preview: false
will create an md file that renders well in the github images

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