Sharing links, etc from the Community site?

So I've learned a lot from the past few weeks on this site, including (but not limited to) excellent answers, and links to material that, though not necessary new, is super helpful (e.g. @jimhester's plyr/reshape dplyr/reshape2 conversion page, etc).

I was thinking of doing a little blog post/roundup of a few of these tidbits (selfishly, really, so I don't lose track of them), but didn't know if that would be out-of-bounds.


Should I ask individuals if it involves an answer given (as opposed to a link, which I could have ostensibly discovered outside of here-- though I'd think it'd be more helpful if tied to the problem/question it addresses)?


This is a great idea!

I think that you don't need to get any specific permissions to post the information you've learned, even if it is from an individuals answer. They were willing to post it on a public forum, so they are okay with having it be shared. However, I would make sure to give them credit, perhaps with an @user or a link to the original post, though if there are too many links it could become overwhelming.

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I think that's a good idea. Since you are going to put it into your blog, i.e. outside of RC, you should put links back to the conversations here because it may help people find their way here.

Just put the links at the end of the blog posting, something like:

"This blog posting brought to you by the letters :grinning:conversations:"

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I totally agree! I just wanted to make sure it'd be cool with people. I'll ask individuals before doing so.

The Terms of Service for the site state user contributions here are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License which basically means you are free to share and adapt the material as you see fit as long as you give attribution and link to the source (and release any addtional work under a compatible license) as long as the use is non-commercial.

So feel free to share any content from here without need to request direct permission from the authors as long as you share links to the posts in question.


Awesome— thanks, Jim! I just wanted to make sure no one felt like it would preclude them from asking freely on here, but always good to know that ToS have my back :wink:!

Nice points @dlsweet and @danr.

And for an admin's perspective, I don't think anyone at RStudio has an issue with you aggregating information, lessons learned, or anything else from and sharing them beyond the site.