Sharedrive without downloading file

Hello IT,

I have questions about possibility to Load data from external sources (sharepoint, sharedrive, etc) to RStudio Server located on Virtual Machine (Ubuntu with huge ram memory)

I do not want to download these files, because there are really large ( > 10GB), but i have enough memory to load them in RStudio Server.

First question is about mapped network drive on Windows.

These files on drives are located on another servers, but their files are accessible from Browsers (Firefox, Edge) or Explorer (on local computer).

  • I would like to access them similar on RStudio Server, is it possible ?
  • Exist some official package tool for load them into RStudio Server without downloading ?

Second question about SharePoint

  • When similar files are stored on SharePoint, is there a way how to load them without download them ?
  • And exists some official solution (like R package) for SharePoint ?

Thanks for help.

If you mount the Windows server on the Linux server you can access the files from RStudio Server via the relevant path which would look something like /mnt/WindowsServer/....

As for accessing SharePoint I don't know whether that would be possible. We tried it but couldn't do it due to permissions, so never got to test whether it was feasible or not.

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