Shared Functions in Modules

This is a conceptual question that I have not come across an answer for yet. (Apologies if it has been answered and I have missed it.)

In Shiny apps, the scripts in the R folder are run before the app.R file, so functions in separate files are loaded and don't need to be specifically sourced. Should modules reference/load files in the R folder or any external files? Or should they be completely independent of other files? I always see modules referred to as black boxes, so my guess is no, they should not.

I'm asking because there are some functions that I use inside and outside of the modules in my app and want to know what the best practice is.


If your shiny module would benefit from being able to call a helpful function, it should do so, same as if you were calling a function from a library, or base R. Just be sure that you are writing clean/black box functions, and not ones that themselves rely on global state etc.

I didn't think of thinking of it like a package, that's a great point.


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