Shapiro.test => error and I don't find my mistake


I have these data

It's in French but to summarize a little, I have two groups, the 1st one: n=30 ("most manipulated mice") and the 2nd one: n=20 ("less manipulated mice). And the "temps de..." column is just a measured time.

plus<-subset (compo, Individus=="Plus manipulées")
moins<-subset (compo, Individus=="Peu Manipulées")
shapiro.test (plus$Temps de descente)
shapiro.test (moins$Temps de descente)

I thought it would have the results I was looking for but for shapiro.test, the "is.numeric(X) is not TRUE" appears and despite my researches on internet, I didn't manage to understand where there is a mistake.

I know I'm pretty bad when it comes to using R Studio (I'm a beginner) but if someone could help me understand I would be veryyy happy!

Have a good day!

Run the summary function on your data frame


I suspect your Temps are characters because the usual French decimal symbol is "," and your numbers use ".". When I run summary() on a data frame with two columns named age and class_attendance I get this

      age        class_attendance  
 Min.   :6.000   Length:18         
 1st Qu.:6.000   Class :character  
 Median :7.000   Mode  :character  
 Mean   :6.944                     
 3rd Qu.:8.000                     
 Max.   :8.000    

The numeric column is summarized with statistics and the character column has its Class listed as character.

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