Shap values with tidymodels and SHAPforxgboost

I'm having the same issue found in

The shap values are reverse to what is expected of the meaning of my variables.

Someone can please provide any comment?

I found out that doing the simple follow step would invert all directions of SHAP value and result in the expected figure:

dm_shap$value = - dm_shap$value


Also, library(shapviz) produces that expected results with better looking graphics.

So tidymodels chooses the first level of a binary factor as the event of interest. The happens in yardstick and there are options to invert that. I don't know if that is the issue but it sounds like a good possibility. Perhaps give that a try?

Good idea. Maybe you are thinking of options(yardstick.event_first = FALSE).

I traced back the function calls looking for an option to invert that but no sign of such.
In fact, library(SHAPforxgboost) only encapsulates SHAP values computed by library(xgboost) as xgboost::predict(model, X, predcontrib = TRUE)` which do not give any option.

Then, I changed by hand the level value to positive case (has diabetes) as 0 and negative to 1 (does not have diabetes) and plotting now worked as expected.

Line changed is data$diabetes <- as.factor(abs(data$diabetes-1)).

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